Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Today, I am thankful for the superheroes in my life! Not the kind that fly through the air, wearing red capes or fighting crime! In fact, my superheroes are extra-ordinary people who always manage to come to my rescue when I need them most. Sometimes my superheroes look a lot like my husband or the guy at Home Depot (minus the spandex)! Today, when I least expected it, my superheroes swooped down out of nowhere to save my day.  

After injuring my index finger last night in a random act of stupidity, I realized I might have to postpone one of the projects I had started for my classroom. Feeling slightly bummed about it, I went to Home Depot anyway, just to scope out the materials I might need for the project.

I walked into the store with the black Sterilite crate I had
purchased at Walmart and located the plywood on Aisle 8. I quickly realized that this project would require measuring (math), cutting (using a saw) and hauling (heavy plywood that would not fit in my car). I was just about to leave and come back later, when he came out of nowhere! My superhero! Let's just call him LUMBERMAN!
He not only offered to measure the size of the wood I needed (to perfection), he also cut the plywood pieces in the store and even loaded them into my car! Now, that's customer service! 

After getting home with all of my goodies, I was super-excited to get started with my crate make-over. This is where SUPER-HUBBY comes into the story. Did I tell you that my husband is the perfect "teacher hubby" and my favorite superhero! For over thirty years he has helped me get my classroom ready for the first day of school and this year is no exception. SUPER-HUBBY is always on stand-by just waiting for his cue to burst out of the phone-booth (minus the spandex) and save the day! (insert happy face here) Thanks to SUPER-HUBBY's expertise with a staple gun and Exacto Knife, I was able to complete my crate project and share it with you today! Don't you just love happy endings? I do and here it is!

Even though I'm not leaving my zebra and polka-dot design behind, I had to get on the chevron band wagon (at least a little bit). It's just too fun! The inspiration  for my crates came from these great tubs I found at Lowe's and this amazing fabric I found at Hobby Lobby! Perfect colors for my room and trust me, it will look great with my zebra!

You can get this at HOBBY LOBBY for the cushions!

Trim the foam to fit plywood seat.

Cut fabric to fit and wrap around foam. Secure with staple gun.

Place cushions in opening on top of crate. Love it!

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