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This past spring, my husband and I had the awesome opportunity to travel with the Tyler Junior College Apache Belles Drill Team and Apache Band to Japan!  Of course, as a teacher of world culture, this was a dream come true for me. We stayed in Tokyo and visited our sister city, Yachyio City as well as two of the United States Naval Bases where the Belles and Band entertained the troops. The people of Japan were so gracious and I will always remember the friends we made there.  Here are a few of my favorite memories~

Just one of the many temples and shrines we saw.
Our sweet Japanese tour guide teaching us to count in Japanese.
Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony in a local home.
Cute Japanese girls shopping in the trendy Harajuko district.
High School graduation day for these girls in their kimonos.
Emperor's Palace in downtown Tokyo.
Mt. Fuji on a very cloudy day!

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