Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to Blogging

They say, (not sure who "they" are) that a little confession is good for the soul. So, here goes my best effort at confessing why I haven't posted on my blog for several months. First of all, I love blogging!  In fact, I love it so much that I could literally blog day and night. Therein lies the problem. I simply did not master the art of blogging, running my TpT store, taking a mission trip, getting my son married, graduating another son from medical school and teaching at a brand new school simultaneously while managing to squeeze in some sleep, laundry and stay true to my family and faith. I think "they" call this- biting off more than you can chew! (said in my mother's voice) It's more like- life happens! Of course it doesn't help that my little OCD voice whispers in my ear constantly reminding me of the high expectations (unrealistic goals) that I often set for myself. 

More about my mission trip with Parental Care Ministries in a future blog!

Needless to say, things haven't settled down much and probably never will. So, here I am- back to blogging and I must confess it feels great! I realize now that while feeling a bit over-whelmed with the time management aspect of blogging, I simply have an intrinsic need to share my passion for teaching with others. A lot has happened in the past six months and I promise I won't digress too often- but I will try to catch you up on the major events in the next few weeks. I admit, I am still in awe of the incredible educators who keep me motivated with their up to date blogs and continue to offer such incredible products on TpT. They inspire me to be a better educator and remind me why I love what I do. Wow- confession is good for the soul and so is blogging!

Coming soon- my classroom face lift for 2014-2015.

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