Friday, July 17, 2015

Moving On Up!

Social Studies Friends-

After many years of teaching sixth grade social studies, I am moving up to eighth grade this year and changing schools! Yes, I realize this is a STAAR tested subject! Yes, I realize that I have to move my classroom AGAIN! Yes, I realize that I am going to start from scratch! Call me crazy, but I love a challenge and I am so excited about my new adventure. There are sure to be some changes on my blog as I transition to an "older" group of students and switch my focus to American History. Hopefully some of you will have some great suggestions for my blog.

I just attended a fabulous workshop at my region service center sponsored by LRE (Law Related Education). If you are in Texas and haven't checked out one of their workshops, you are missing out on some great workshops for all grade levels. I especially love their ideas on teaching Celebrate Freedom Week!

Texas Friends- Be sure to check out the Lead4ward website for great resources on unpacking those state standards! 

I am already scoping out SMARTBOARD lessons for U.S. History (since I have one now- yippee) and of course I will be stalking PINTEREST for the latest new ideas for projects and lessons. 

Check back later for the before and after pictures of my new classroom. I have some great ideas (which involves talking my husband into painting) and I can't wait to start the transformation. Enjoy your last few days of summer and remember, change is a catalyst for growth! Let's grow together.

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